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My original paintings are made with acrylic and passion, on paper or
cartons .

Models in picture, wearing T-shirts, are people from all over the world, I personally hosted them, and they have been able to see my original artworks.



Like many people, I like to create, hear, and imagine some stories.

For creating, painting is one thing I did a lot lately. In the past, I made comics, online or not.
About learning new things, since I have been living for a while in the very touristic city of Paris, I host foreigners from all over the world.

Hosting people via some platforms as Couchsurfing or Trustroots is an experience that can vary a lot, depending of several contextual factors. But in every case, you will always hear different personal stories, hopes, point of views. My drawings might not be the finest pieces of art, but, like these travelers, their storytelling is unique.

I realized that having some guests serving as models with my art was a fun way to share a simple and arty experience, and a good way to celebrate diversity, with Paris in the background.