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Hi, I am Simon, and I live in the beautiful city of Paris, France.
It’s a long time I am hosting people from all around the world. There is several online platforms for doing so, as Couchsurfing, Bewelcome or Trustroots.
It’s also a long time I am painting and drawing, despite I don’t really have an excellent level. I really love share and tell stories.

All the models you see on the shop, I hosted all of them at my personal place, I met each of them personally. They are not professionals models, but true and genuine people from all over the world. And, at a moment, they stayed and enjoyed Paris.
they obviously saw the originals paintings, we chat about several topics, and of course, they are open minded, love arts, traveling and, as me, meeting people from different cultures and different places, curious of everything. And I can say I am very proud they accepted to give their time and image by wearing my Tees in some nice places in Paris!
Thanks to them!


You want to appear on the instragam account as a model?

If you want to join the community, nothing is more simple! Order a Tee-shirt, and send me a pic of it at my email:!
Just tell me where you are from!